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  • Repainting the Master Bath

    The basement bathroom needed some new paint and repairs for reasons I’ll get into in another post. But it got Danielle in a renovation mindset. So she decided to paint the master bathroom. And, in the course of examining the bathroom she found out that the vanity lighting was rusting and needed replacement. So we […]

  • Top 200 Photos: #132

    To Florida for today’s Top 200 Photo. photo #132 is: I don’t think I could describe this any better than I do on the flickr page: I walked into my parent’s bathroom on the last day before the end of the final spring break of my life. I saw this beautiful image coming through the […]

  • Top 200 Photos: #175

    A still life photo makes it for today’s Top 200 photos entry. photo #175 is: Danielle likes to create decorations that add to the ambiance of the house. This involves taking elements from different places and creating something that’s her own. Here she’s taken candles from a bunch of different stores and combined them with […]