Repainting the Master Bath

The basement bathroom needed some new paint and repairs for reasons I’ll get into in another post. But it got Danielle in a renovation mindset. So she decided to paint the master bathroom. And, in the course of examining the bathroom she found out that the vanity lighting was rusting and needed replacement. So we ended up replacing nearly everything metal in there from shiny Chrome to Nickel. So here’s how the bathroom looked before she painted and I replaced the metal pieces:

After Danielle painted we ended up with a very different looking bathroom:

I don’t know if Maryland code is different than Florida code, but I was surprised to find there was not a “box” behind the old light fixture.

Hole for Light Fixture-51 Hole for Light Fixture-52

Anyway, I love the new feel of the bathroom. Much more cheerful than before. Also, whoever painted it before had not chosen a glossy paint (we did semi-gloss instead of high gloss on the suggestion of the Lowes’ paint section employees) so the paint had been streaked from steam condensation. So I’m glad not to have to deal with that anymore.