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  • The Aida Interview Final Video

    Here it finally is: Aida’s Life: The Interview on Vimeo

  • The Aida Interview

    That tape I was waiting to rewind was an interview I did with my grandmother. She was only 3-4 months from dying. It’s freakin’ surreal! I knew I had this tape, but I couldn’t find it for the past 3 years! I had wanted to do this for years – video tape an interview with […]

  • Impatience

    I’m waiting for a video to rewind which is the last time my grandmother Aida was on tape. This is the longest rewind EVER!

  • I miss you….

    But at least I continue to surprise myself with the amount of pictures I have, not only of my grandmother, but of my grandmother with my brothers and I. I have spent months dispairing that I had not taken enough pictures of her before she left us, but as I’ve gone through my old photos […]

  • The Balloon Project (Or Happy Birthday Abuela Part 2)

    While talking to my mom last night she asked me to do her a favor. For today, her mother’s birthday, she asked me to write a message on a balloon and let it go into the air, metaphorically going to my grandmother in Heaven. I did it, taking pictures to document the act because that […]

  • Happy Birthday Abuela

    Today would have been my grandmother’s birthday. She died this past March during my Spring Break and I loved her very much. I know that she’s up in Heaven now having a heckuva time with her husband who was taken from her more than twenty years ago. She remained faithful to him to the last […]

  • new stuff

    My grandmother was buried today. Everything has revolved around the burial and funeral. It’s been weird meeting people and talking about the future with these sad events around. Not much else to say – I’m very low on sleep. The funeral went from 4p to 1a. Burial stuff began at 9a. Didn’t think I’d ever […]

  • the end is here

    If you are in a hospital, you will know you’re about to die when your entire family suddenly starts coming in with more and more frequency. My grandmother died today after nearly eight decades of life. I was really close to her and I loved her so much. Ever since I was a little kid […]

  • Sad without the sadness…

    This week my grandmother will probably be diagnosed with lymphoma, cancer of the lymph nodes. This is one of the worse types of cancer for two reasons. First of all, it is attacking the very part of your body responsible for keeping the body healthy. So this cancer leaves the person extra debilitated as they […]