The Aida Interview

That tape I was waiting to rewind was an interview I did with my grandmother. She was only 3-4 months from dying. It’s freakin’ surreal! I knew I had this tape, but I couldn’t find it for the past 3 years! I had wanted to do this for years – video tape an interview with my grandmother about her life – for genealogical purposes. A lot of questions I’ve recently asked my mother, my grandmother answers in this tape. I just didn’t bother writing it down since I was video taping it. I couldn’t believe it when she died because I wanted to do this so badly and I wanted to get more interviews. She used to tell me story upon story when I was a child. It was my favorite thing to do at her house. I will post it to vimeo with some translations and an introduction. Probably tomorrow if I’m feeling especially ambitious.
it was 1 year and 3-4 months from her death – but still came out of the blue for me!