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  • One Less Reason to go to the United Kingdom

    Orgzine has an article complaining that in the UK when crossing the border you don’t get the same protections as you do within the borders. This does not surprise me since we have the same issue over here and we tend to have more robust civil liberties than our cousins across the pond. (Hence why […]

  • Quote

    Great quote at work today. “F$cking shoe bomber! I hate taking off my shoes at the airport. When ware we going to have the bra bomber?” – a guy at work

  • today

    “…and it’s September Eleven.” Those were the first words to pop into my consciousness this morning. It’s been a week worth of tributes, speeches, and remembrances. Today’s main thought for me involved pondering if anyone from NYC actually watched any of the 11 Sept movies this year. Personally, I think it’s way too soon and […]

  • Just a reminder

    As the British (and even some Americans) begin discussing the possibility of racial profiling after this latest foiled airplane terrorism plot, we should remember that not all terrorists are Arabs or Middle-Eastern-looking. Take, for example, the worst terrorist attack in the US prior to the attacks of 11 Sept 2001 – The Oklahoma City Bombing. […]

  • just in off the wires….terrorists stopped in UK

    UK Police say they have stopped 21 suspects who were going to blow up a plane from the UK to the US. Effective immediately at Heathrow, people cannot take beverages, hand lotions, or USB thumb drives onto an airplane. What were these suicide bombers going to do? Get drunk, lather up, and throw USB sticks […]