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  • So, how much free will do we have?

    Here’s an email I sent to some of my friends based on an piece I heard on The Naked Scientist: This group did a study and found that women who were lap dancers and not on the pill (ie they had a normal menstrual cycle) go more tips on their fertile days.  (I can’t imagine […]

  • Philosophizing on the Move can lead to trouble

    The plot twist at the end is awesome, but so is the programmer’s debate going on, especially since we were talking about this at work this week. Another great xkcd from Randall Monroe:

  • Video blog post: Existential Ponderings

    Existential Ponderings on Vimeo

  • How Far is infinity?

    Although it may seem like a philosophical or silly question, it is indeed a practical question for me. You see, we have a tradition at Christmas-time in my family where we play dominoes on the days before Christmas and whoever wins gets to open a gift. I’m sure I mentioned this around this time last […]

  • How My Parents are Saving the World

    I really respect and admire my parents for what they are doing now. At a time when they should be relaxing after 24 years of parenting, they have taken on 3 foster kids – 2 of them at the last minute last week. It’s not as though my parents are trying to replace the void […]

  • God’s Debris

    God’s Debris, by Scott Adams, is a total mind-blow. It is, indeed, one of the most provacative philosophy books I have read in a long time. As Adams says himself, the book is not a reflection of his opinions or necessarily of anything more than nonsense. He just took the simplest answer for the philosophical […]

  • Art and its role in Culture

    Reading a post from Miss Izzy is like watching a Simpsons episode. The beginning has nothing to do with the end, but serves only to set up the source of conflict. While reading Sunday Digression, she moved to a topic I feel pretty strongly about, the value of art in culture. She writes: If you […]

  • A response on Good and Evil

    Sarong Party Girl (SPG), who ironically does very little blogging about parties, wrote this hasty article, tackling an issue she talks about a lot – relativism and good & evil. The key point of her post, which has been a theme in some of her other posts is: At the end, whatever we do, there […]

  • Things that make you believe…(part 1)

    Just a quick thought that I may elaborate on later (hence the part 1). Some may just call it coincidence, but days like this further my belief in God. Out of the blue I think that perhaps I should just try my server again, after trying EVERYTHING when I first moved in. Now it suddenly […]

  • Thanks again God

    Well, I can’t get into too many details at this time because of professionalism, but I had been praying for certain things to happen in my future and they had occurred! I know we’re not supposed to make deals with God, but I did promise that if He delivered that I would share it with […]

  • still infinite

    life is still infinite. That may change today.

  • [the field of] Infinite Potential

    I’m free flowing my writing tonight. We’ll see how much sense it makes. My dad has encouraged me to listen to Deepak Chopra. He is a western medicine educated Indian who beecame disillusioned with the poor success rates of western medicne. Determined to fuse the best of the West and East he went back to […]