The Pelican Brief is a ridiculous movie

In short succession 2 podcasts I listen to covered the movie adaptation of The Pelican Brief. If you watched it back in the 1990s you probably didn’t realize how bananas the plot of this movie was. It sounds OK in short summary – some evil corporations kill 2 US Supreme Court judges to prevent a certain ruling. But once the podcasts go into the details of the movie – it makes next to 0 sense.

The first one I heard was on Unclean and Present Danger – this podcast looks at movies from the 1990s and uses them as a launching off point to discuss politics during the 90s.

The second one was the 5-4 Podcast – normally they cover Supreme Court cases, but for the holidays, they covered this movie.

Take a listen – I’m sure once you hear either or both of those episodes, you’ll agree that there should be a Pitch Meeting episode about it.