Review: Annihilation Aria

Annihilation Aria by Michael R. Underwood

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I don’t know if it’s from reading this book right after Becky Chambers Wayfarers series, but this book did not pull me in the way the other series did. It was fine, but I just finished it more out of obligation to finish than because I wanted to know what came next.

I think the best thing the book had going for it is that the antagonist was a 3D, fleshed out character rather than an out-and-out villain. He had rational motives that had more to do with the culture he was born into and political ambition than with mustache-twirling evil. The fact that he was part of a faction advocating more peace and financial gain than war also kept his species from being from a Planet of Hats.

The third act of the book redeemed it from getting 2/5 stars. That said, I’m not going to continue with the series.

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