Review: Apex Magazine Promo Issue 2020

Apex Magazine Promo Issue 2020Apex Magazine Promo Issue 2020 by Jason Sizemore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A mini issue to get folks ready for the relaunch of Apex Magazine. I truly enjoyed the stories in here and I can’t wait until the next real issue in January. Below is what I thought of each story:

The Legacy of Alexandria: a dystopia with elements of afro-futurism that seems every so prescient with the moment we’re in right now. The biggest bummer of the author now being an editor in Apex is that the magazine won’t be graced with this work for the foreseeable future.

Small hopes and dreams: a metaphor for being stuck in society that definitely makes sense for having been written 2 years ago when we were all waking up to the rural drug crisis.

Slush editor round table: If you’re a writer submitting to magazines, you should definitely read what these slush readers have to say about the slush pile in order to improve your chances of being selected as well as having a better understanding of why rejections don’t always mean your story isn’t any good.

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