Fedora Silverblue as an HTPC Part 2

One thing to know about Silverblue is that it’s a Gnome environment. I was already running Gnome for the HTPC, but I prefer KDE for my computers usually. When I was installing Silverblue there was no option to go for KDE or anything else. On Silverblue you install via Flatpaks. Any regular installs (ostree instead of rpms) also requires a reboot.

A few things to note based on getting Kodi setup:

  • /media is actually at /run/media (but there is a symlink)
  • normally if you need to add stuff to the userdata folder for Kodi (advancedsettings.xml for using mysql, etc) the path is $HOME/.kodi/userdata . With Fedora Silverblue (and using Kodi Flatpak), it’s at $HOME/.var/app/tv.kodi.Kodi/data/userdata
  • And finally, $HOME is atually at /var/home/username (but there’s a symlink)

Right now I’m trying to figure out how to get my Ortek MCE remote to work with Kodi (at least for Play, Pause, and Stop). If I figure that out, I’ll definitely post here.