Review: Big Pulp Fall 2011: On The Road From Galilee

Big Pulp Fall 2011: On The Road From GalileeBig Pulp Fall 2011: On The Road From Galilee by Michael D. Turner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fun anthology that had more stories I liked than didn’t. As usual for an anthology, a collection of my status updates as the review:

“On the road from Gallilee” – time travel and it tackles the age-old question. But they deal with it in a very creative way.

“Built for the Kill” – a future Chicago in which the mob genetically alters their muscle to make them better at their jobs. The story’s about a job – told in a reminisce. Very fun.

“Nether-Air Ambush” – a poem about a steampunk air battle

“Luna Springs” – A reminder that sometimes we do not treat the elderly with the respect they deserve.

“My Dumb Summer Job” – last story for the SF section. A valley girl works at a refugee camp for aliens. Pretty funny and a nice little twist on the ending.

“Sensitive Ice” – a mix of romance and urban fantasy. It’s pretty neat and didn’t quite go where I thought it might.

“A Kiss and Makeup” – Very short story and very interesting ending.

“Struck by Lightning” – some urban fantasy, magical realism story. Not quite the ending I was expecting based on the setup.

“Misunderstood Identity” – Someone is stealing a mystery writer’s identity. I really enjoyed the ending on this one.

“Blood Tells” – Some Americans go to Ireland and encounter some spooky times.

“One Night in Manhattan” – A crazy stream of consciousness story about a writer experiencing an ever changing universe. I grew more confused with every sentence.

“What Happened while Don was watching the Game” – very fun and witty portrayal of what happens to things we lose and can’t find. And the ending was GREAT.

“Flight Risk” – I think this story would work better as a novella. I think it was just getting started when it was finishing. There are a few places I think it could have expanded and really freaked me out. That said, good story and nice mini-twists and plot fakeouts.

“Virus” – Great look at surburbia and dealing with your ideals clashing with reality. I thought it was great up until the last sentence. I think it should have ended about a paragraph earlier.

“Promises” – Maybe I’m just too biased due to my history with super hero stories and comics, but this was my favorite story. We always get the POV of the super hero because that’s exciting and fun to read. But what’s it like for the people who grew up with X-men to see their best friend suddenly constantly saving the world?

“Aboard the Lady Maria” – a ghost ship terrorizes a rich couple on a Yaht. Interesting narrative style – I enjoyed it.

“Virgin Sacrifice” – Some fun pokes at Buffy. What if there was another group fighting monsters – the kids in shop class? What if they kept doing it even after they graduated? Story isn’t a parody or satire, just another look at the same tropes. Wouldn’t mind more stories in this universe.

“Parker/Jesse” – That was …. disturbing.

“Paying for it” – 2nd best story in the volume. It’s only a page so I can’t say anything without ruining it.

“By Association” – the desperate lengths an artist will go to in order to become famous

“The Annual Scarecrow Festival” – strange little horror poem

“Lodger in the Ripper’s Room” – Another weird poem.

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