August Video Games Report


Civilization V (2 hrs)

A few more turns in our multi-player games.

Team Fortress 2 (2 hrs)

I decided to play a little more and work on creating an overlay that allows the game to be full screen while also still presenting my Extra Life information. After a of couple tries, I like where it ended up.

Vertical Drop Heroes (2 hrs)

I thought this was just going to be a quick Eric Checks Out, but it turned out to get me really addicted to the point where I wish I was playing it every night before bed. Of all the rogue-likes I’ve played, I feel like this one gets the best mix of allowing you to die without it hurting too much.


Unholy Heights (1 hr)

This game seemed perfect for me – a bit RPG and a bit building sim. But I was unable to quite figure out the strategy to allow me to progress beyond the first fight.


FTL (1 hr)
FTL Battle
FTL Battle

I was watching through Dan’s videos and that made me want to play more. I played on my laptop, so I didn’t end up with any videos of the playthrough.


Chromagun (38 min)

I was given a a steam key for this game in exchange for streaming it. It seemed like it’d be Portal-like and that was true. Instead of Portals it’s about colors and mixing colors. I enjoyed it until I got to the part where it was completely unforgiving of any mistakes.


Euro Truck Simulator 2 (30 min)

The Giant Bomb guys have spoken quite often about various truck simulators. I had this from one of the Humble Bundles and I thought it’d make a nice Eric Checks Out. It was pretty neat to drive from Belgium to France since that’ll probably never happen in real life. But I can’t see myself spending more time with this when there are other awesome games to play.

BloodRayne: Betrayal (23 min)

Of all the Bloodrayne games to play for the first time in the series….I ended up with this one. It was also part of some bundle I’d purchased before. It was OK.

FF Tactics (22 min)

One of the games I bought 11+ years ago when I was trying to catch up with all the Playstation Final Fantasy games I missed. Finally playing it for the first time ever. Also, introducing one of my overlays for SD video games.