April 2015 Video Games Report

Although I didn’t play as much on average, I did take advantage of one weekend to do a mini marathon in my Extra Life playing. It led to my biggest donation yet!

The Witcher (17 hours)

I’m still having fun playing this game, mostly due to the great dialogue writing. I’m at a point in the game where the main quest has narrowed to one path and it’s a little boring with their enforced seeming passage of time where I have to leave and then come back when someone says “I need to think about this”. There isn’t any real indication of when I’m supposed to go back. I’m itching for the story to pick up a bit.

Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator (2 hours)

This was one of the games we played during my two-day mini marathon. I chose it based on Dave’s recommendation. (He’d played it as part of a class for his graduate degree) I think it was fun only because of the way we interacted. The game itself is a little pedantic for my tastes, but with a group of friends (or family) it can be a lot of fun.

Team Fortress 2 (1 hour)

Also fired this up and played with Dave and Kendra during my mini marathon. TF2 is still a lot of fun.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (45 minutes)

A month or so ago Scarlett really liked watching me play Sonic, so I threw this game on so that she could play as Tails.

Bastion (30 minutes)

I installed this on the living room computer to test performance. Then Scarlett wanted to play. She had lots of fun dropping The Kid off the cliff.

Bubble Bobble (30 minutes)

One of my most played Nintendo games. After playing Sonic we got on a retro kick and put this on.

Balloon Fight (15 minutes)

Then my wife was talking about how much she loved playing Balloon Fight, so we did that for a bit.