October 2014 Video Games

Team Fortress 2 Halloween

Civilization V (18 hrs):

Mesa Bros

I noticed Dan was on my borders right when I started having the Cho Ku Nu, my special unit. Having played civ and RTS games with Dan, I figured it was strike or be struck. So I went to war. Unfortunately, Dan fights better than AI and because of the terrain features, it became a war of attrition that favored Dan. After a stalemate war, I offered peace and Dan accepted.

Tiny Mesa Civ

Looks like Dan took Dave’s Capital. We’ll see what happens next.


I think this is currently my strongest game. Haven’t met Dan or Dave yet. (Or many other civs)

A Brave New World

My worst game. Surrounded by jungle so moving around takes forever.

Team Fortress 2 (1 hr):

Team Fortress 2 - Halloween 2014 - Bumper Cars
Team Fortress 2 – Halloween 2014 – Bumper Cars

Signed back in to play some Halloween TF2. My game kept crashing to the desktop in the bumper cars where you had to get rubber ducks. Not sure why. Wanted to try out Raptr’s new Twitch integration, but it didn’t work. (I think my graphics card’s too old – GeForce GTS 250) So I installed Open Broadcaster Software and got this  in the one time it actually worked:

For what it’s work, here’s my Twitch page.