Photojojo for Mid April

It’s once again time for my biweekly Photojojo post.  For those of you who haven’t been following my blog for a long time, Photojojo is a digital time capsule service.  Every two weeks they send me an email that has my most interesting photos posted to flickr from one year ago.

I took a long time to publish the previous post, so here we are again.  It’s mostly Scarlett Easter photos.  As I sit here and look at a photo of this year’s Easter photo, it’s pretty awesome to see how much she’s changed.  For one thing, she’s mobile now, so it was a challenge to get her to sit there while we took the photo.  For another, she can actually sit on her own.

Father & Daughter Easter Portrait

Our Family (Easter 2012)

A bit of a Cry

The next photo is from the first day she smiled with intent:

Smile Captured!

This is from those crazy days when we used to have to burp her after her feeds:
Burping Scarlett

2 responses to “Photojojo for Mid April”

  1. From some angles, you look like Abed from “Community.” 🙂

    Cute pix, BTW. Cherish those early years, you’ll miss the cute baby stage when they’re older.