Photojojo for Late March to Early April

It’s once again time for my biweekly Photojojo post.  For those of you who haven’t been following my blog for a long time, Photojojo is a digital time capsule service.  Every two weeks they send me an email that has my most interesting photos posted to flickr from one year ago.

The biggest takeaway which is SOOOOO crazy is how much Scarlett has changed in just 1 year.  Only 365 days.  And she looks COMPLETELY different!


Tio Daniel's Frankenstein Head

Post Bath Mohawk Even More Drastic than Last Time

Looking at Grandpa

I thought all my Photojojo entries for 2013 (consisting of 2012 photos) would be Scarlett, but then there was this screenshot I posted.

2012-04-06 kde desktop all main desktops

It was the 3 desktop backgrounds on the virtual desktops on my Main Activity. I was posting it in hopes of having it featured on a website.