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Recently I was looking at this old post and the screenshots of Amarok 1.4 reminded me of something I loved about that version of Amarok – the stats that would display when you were playing a song – like if you were playing a Five Iron Frenzy song it would tell you your three favorite (or most played) Five Iron Frenzy songs.  That functionality never made it back into the Amarok 2 series.  So when I was looking through the Amarok scripts in the script installer I came across Rating Statistics.  It basically gave me everything I wanted other than being linked to the currently playing song.  It allows you to search your favorite songs based on all kinds of criteria like number of plays, user-assigned rating, or auto-score.  You can also assign some weights to it and get your best songs based on that weighting.  Here are the stats about my library:

Amarok Stats
Amarok Stats

You can see I’ve barely rated any of my songs.  I just rate some when they really catch my fancy.  Otherwise I let Amarok do it automatically.  Given the length of the average pop and rock song I’m not surprised that the average song length is 3min 38s.  Here’s how I weighted my scores:

Amarok Stats Weights
Amarok Stats Weights

I weighted playcount most heavily since I figured if I like a song  a lot I’ll play it a lot.  Then I gave the auto-generated score the second most weight because it’s correlated to the playcount.  My assigned rating has less weight because I may have once really liked a song, but now don’t care for it as much.  And the length gives some weight because longer songs might be listened to less.  Here are my top scoring songs based on that weight:

Amarok Stats - Top Scoring Songs
Amarok Stats – Top Scoring Songs

No surprises there.  All songs that I really love.  Taking a look at artists with the same criteria:

Amarok Stats - Top Scoring Artists
Amarok Stats – Top Scoring Artists

There shouldn’t really be any surprises in there for anyone that follows my posts.  Next up is top albums:

Amarok Stats - Top Scoring Albums
Amarok Stats – Top Scoring Albums

The biggest surprise here is the Pizzicato Five albums because I don’t really listen to it very much anymore and I thought most of my listens were with Rhythmbox anyway.  Next I just wanted to take a look at how the list changes when looking at the play count rather than the weighted score.  Here are the top tracks:

Amarok Stats - Top Songs by Play count
Amarok Stats – Top Songs by Play count

I was a little surprised by those playcount numbers.  Here are the artist play counts:

Amarok Stats - Top Artists by Play Count
Amarok Stats – Top Artists by Play Count

I’m a little surprised at how high Switchfoot is.  Finally albums.  In a sense this is one of the most “cheatingest” stats because Mario The Music can easily win having 78 tracks (some of which are just 30 seconds long).

Amarok Stats - Top Albums by Play Count
Amarok Stats – Top Albums by Play Count

And to finish off this post, since I know Dan is one of the primary readers – stats on two artists he and I would share in common:

Amarok Stats - Five Iron Frenzy
Amarok Stats – Five Iron Frenzy


Amarok Stats - Anamanaguchi
Amarok Stats – Anamanaguchi


2 responses to “Amarok Rating Stats”

  1. “Densmore” = best Anamanaguchi song.

    “My Evil Plan to Save the World” might be among my favorite FIF songs, but I think I listen to “On Distant Shores” or “Something Like Laughter” more than anything else nowadays. “One Girl Army” has always been pretty boss too.