XBMC Followup

Earlier this year I wrote about using xbmc to create your own private Netflix.  I thought I’d update my readers on how I like it.  Here’s what the current version looks like with the default skin:

xbmc - default skin as of 20121031
xbmc – default skin as of 20121031

I have linked it up with trakt.tv to track my tv and movie watching (just like music scrobbling with last.fm) Using it has allowed me to catch up on shows that I might not have otherwise had the time to watch.  It was easy to start going through all the Buffy episodes while waiting to feed Scarlett at night since they were sitting on my computer and I didn’t have to go find the DVDs.

xbmc - watched through most of Buffy
xbmc – watched through most of Buffy

And if I have to stop watching a show for a while it’s nice that xbmc keeps track of which episodes I’ve watched.  It’s also extremely convenient to just look for something to watch during dinner time or at other idle times.  I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a good, comprehensive HTPC application.