Top 200 Photos: #4

The final appearance of these two in this Top 200 photo

photo :
Quite an Elaborate Costume on the Left

And so these two show up once again with 2579 views as of the time I’m writing this (in March). I’m not quite sure what it is about this particular photo of a Soul Eater Cosplay has garnered it more views than the others. It’s technically an inferior photo when compared to the others. Part of the awesome hat on the left is cut off. And the woman on the left has her eyes closed.

Because companies in Japan are vertically integrated and, therefore, tend to do way more than companies in the USA (GE being an exception), the Soul Eater manga is published by Square Enix. Yeah, the company that’s best known outside of Japan for the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series. Here’s the the main site. (