Top 200 Photos: #22

Another Otakon photo in this Top 200 Photo

photo #22 is:
Looking for Donald and Goofy

This photo was taken on the first time I discovered Otakon in Baltimore. We were just walking around Baltimore and noticed cosplayers here and there. At first I thought it was just a strange group of friends. But when we kept seeing more and more of them, I figured something was up. I didn’t know it yet, but it was the last day of Otakon. Since it was the last day and the convention was officially over, people could just walk into the convention center and so I did and took some candid shots with my 55-200mm lens. I didn’t know at the time that these people wanted to be photographed and were used to being photographed. So I was doing most of it candidly.

This cosplayer is dressed as the main character from Kingdom Hearts, a Square-Enix & Disney RPG. This photo took about 1.5 years to get 1000 views and used to be on my top 20 most viewed photos. However, it has plateaued since then and only has 1120 views after five years.