Top 200 Photos: #33

Take my hand in this Top 200 Photo

photo #33 is:
Day Two Hundred Sixty-Nine:  Take My Hand

Much like the Nam photo that was #40, in this photo I am taking advantage of the effects wide angle lenses have on their subjects. Things closer to the lens look much larger (compared to a normal lens) than those further away. Like the candle photo, this one only ended up with this many views because it was used on a website. In this case, it is Pixel-Peeper, a site that contains example images to see how well lenses perform. On that page I linked, this photo is, at the time of this writing, the number one image on there. This has led to this going from an obscure photo to being the most-viewed photo in my 365 project. This is annoying in the sense that I feel I have lots of photos in my 365 which are much more creative (like The Last Supper, or the last five photos), but neat because, as an artist, I want as many people to see my work as possible. So if this leads to more views on my 365 photos (and it has) or of my stream in general, then it can’t be that bad.

At the time of this writing I have another photo on the Pixel-Peeper page linked above at position #11 that has also been getting a lot of hits recently. (It’s now in the Top 200 Photos) And, on the second page I have this one:

Boardwalk Bench

And on the fourth page is #43 in this Top 200 Photos list.