Top 200 Photos: #86

Back to Philly and a concert for this Top 200 Photo

photo #86 is:
Anberlin Concert - Anberlin - 19

Taking photos during a concert is always hard. First of all, let me say that I think people should be allowed to shoot photos during concerts as long as they aren’t using flash. The point of going to a concert is to spend extra money on a band you really like in order to hear them live. You should be allowed a memento of the night. Anyway, a photo is not representative of a concert, so it’s not like I’m going to see a photo of a concert and decide not to go.

Second, if you happen to be in a great club like this one where you are allowed to bring in a video camera – unless you’re right up against the stage, there’s no point in using flash. You’re just going to end up with darkness. You need to turn off the flash. Then your camera will either bump up the ISO automatically (or you could do that) and you’ll be able to get a reasonable shot. This camera was pretty crappy even when it was new, so I’m not surprised it’s blurry. It wasn’t able to amp the ISO to a level where it could take photos with a fast shutter speed. All things considered, I think it’s a pretty great photo for a concert photo taken with a point and shoot camera from the balcony.

The concert was OK. The openers weren’t to our liking so by the time Anberlin actually came out, we were a bit disgruntled. Their music is great live. I don’t know – we just had a lot more fun the last two times we saw Relient K in concert.