Top 200 Photos: #176

No #177 because it was already covered.

photo #176 is:
John Cleese and I

John Cleese is a comedic genius. I think that history will eventually give him and his Monty Python collaborators a place equivalent to Charlie Chaplin. They helped transform not only British comedy, but American comedy. Many in the US, most notably the creators of South Park, were inspired by this strange brand of humor and created a special blend of American and British humor.

He was on a special teaching contact at Cornell where he would teach one class every semester. And, usually during that semester he would give a presentation on campus for everyone. This photo was taken after his discussion of W.C. Fields. I missed a later lecture on religion and The Life of Brian (I think I had a job interview or something). I don’t idolize stars or getting autographs, but meeting John Cleese was the closest thing to that for me.

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