Top 200 Photos: #178

I’m back with another Top 200 Photo entry.

photo #178 is:
Warrior god

For a while I was doing yoga at our local gym at work. It was quite a revelation. Media usually portrays it as a girly exercise that’s just a bunch of weird stretching poses. Yoga actually requires quite a bit of strength – especially in the “core” muscles. A lot of the poses left me feeling as tired as a weight training workout. I enjoyed it a lot and I only stopped going because my schedule changed and made it hard for me to attend. I’d definitely try it again if I could.

Here’s what I wrote in the description of this photo about this particular pose. “I don’t know what this pose is called, but I really like it. Our instructor always says to imagine ourselves as warrior gods and goddesses. I look at everyone in the studio in this pose and In my mind I get this picture of all of us surfing through the cosmos. Weird? Just seems like a surf pose to me.”