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Ok, that's good enough!


The flower and garter tosses are when weddings really get wild and fun. The person throwing usually fakes the first throw. There are usually shenanigans going on in the receiving crowd. But, as a photographer, my favorite part is when the guy puts the garter on the woman who caught the bouquet. There’s a tension, ENCOURAGED by a good DJ, between pushing the boundaries of modesty and making the girl nervous. The rest of the guests usually help things out by cheering the man on. Sure, as I write this, I realize it’s pretty sexist, but at least it’s voluntary in that the women who get in line to catch the bouquet know exactly what’ll happen if they catch it.

I’ve mentioned before that the decisive moment is BS in the sense that it’s not the only photo a phorographer took. I had photos as the garter traveled up the woman’s leg. But this moment, when everyone has decided that it’s gone far enough and has broken out in laughter is definitely the decisive moment. This was the wedding of one of our best friends from college and a great chance to catch up. Her husband had been her boyfriend since HS! It still happens every now and then.

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