Quitting the Nanowrimo

I love to write so when I started the 2010 NanoWrimo competition 9 days late I thought it would be no big deal to get caught up.  I really under-estimated the effort behind writing over two thousand words a day.  I think I probably could have made it if I had an idea ahead of time, but I ran out of steam somewhere around 15 thousand words.  I’m nearly at 18 thousand and nearly everything I’ve written has been complete and utter crap.  Being very trope savvy has made it hard for me to just make stuff up as I go along because I’ve been trying to avoid plot and logic holes.

I could have kept going just to see how far I make it, but that would be taking away time from my other creative pursuits like programming, the webcomic, and photography.  I’ve also been wanting to do more blogging.  I just didn’t feel that it was worth taking time away from these other hobbies for something I wasn’t going to finish and that was going to be crap when I was done.

But I *did* really like where the story was going in the beginning.  So I want to just rework the story into a short story. History tells me I’m probably in need of an editor, so I’ll probably run it by my brother once I’m done.  Then I’ll release it here under a Creative Commons license.  And maybe I’ll also put it out in PDF and ePub format.

One response to “Quitting the Nanowrimo”

  1. Sorry about the hitch, but I’m sure this experience will help you next year if you try this again.