My First Yankee Game

Yankee Stadium from the Train Stop
Yankee Stadium from the Train Station

Ever since I’ve known my wife I wanted to go to a Yankees Game. But we were often busy during the baseball season and neither of us are big ball fans. In fact, this was also my wife’s first Yankee game despite having grown up in NYC and rooted for the Yankees her whole life. So it was to my great dismay that I found out I would never get to see a Yankees game in the original stadium that housed Babe Ruth. However, I finally did make it to a Yankee game after nearly a decade. It was a bit of a taunt to see the old stadium right next to the new one as demolition has not yet taken place.

Old Yankee Stadium
The Old Stadium

Inside a series of banners with the old Yankees legends paid tribute to the > 100 year legacy. (Depending on whether you count when they moved to NYC or when they were renamed to the Yankees)

Yankee Legends
Legendary Yankees Players

17 Minutes to Game Time
Prepping the field

We arrived at the train station with about 20 minutes to go. By the time we got to our seats we had 17 minutes until game time. We decided to use this time to get some ballpark food. My attempts to eat food before leaving were thwarted by the fact that we’d have to rush through the food. I walked around the concourse looking for food. I kept wishing they had a map on one of the columns letting the patrons know where the different vendors were. I guess they purposely don’t tell you so that you will tend to eat whatever is near your seat. I ended up finding a Moe’s cart that served nachos with meat. Danielle and most others got hot dogs.

I caught this pre-game meeting between the umpires and, I guess, the coaches.

Pre-Game Meeting
Pre-game Meeting

There were Canon adverts throughout the stadium. It’s widely used in sports photography, making me proud to own Canon products.

The 318 ft Foul Line: Sponsored by Canon
Canon Foul Line

It was very confusing that both teams had red hats and there wasn’t much contrast between the white and grey uniforms.

The Blue Jays Dugout
Blue Jays Dugout

The Yankees Dugout
Yankees Dugout

The Yankees very quickly hit a home run.

High Five from Hideki Matsui
Congrats on the Homerun

Three Wide Stances
Hideki Matsui on 1st Base

And now the rest of the photos.

Yankee Stadium Sells Pepsi
Yankee Stadium has a deal to sell Pepsi products

Depending on where you are sitting, you can still enjoy the announcer if you are deaf or have hearing problems.
Catching a Fly
We had pretty good seats for photographing outfield plays.

Go America!  Beat those Canadians!
It got a little extra patriotic since we were playing vs the Canadians

This guy seems unable to believe that the Yankees Won
He seems unable to believe that the Yankees have won

Theeeeeee Yankees WIN!
But they did win!

Congratulations are in Order
So the team walked onto the field for congratulations

Thanks for Visiting - Don't Come Back Unless You Pay
It was great finally seeing my first Yankee game. It was especially great that the Yankees won.

Crowds Leaving Yankee Stadium
Luckily we got to the train quickly and avoided a large portion of the crowds although it still was pretty crowded on the train for a few stops.

See more photos from the game on my Yankee Stadium Set.

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