My Latest Favorite Photo

Three Different Reactions

This is my new favorite photo.  It captures everything I’ve always loved in non-formal portrait photography and everything I’ve aspired to.  The emotions on display, the proper photographic technique, you just feel when you see this photo, especially with Christine’s huge laugh.  It’s also why I love non-formal portrait photography rather than the usual stand there and be photographic with a stupid, fake smile.  I’ve often seen photos that had this same vibe and felt jealous that I couldn’t capture it.  My time just hadn’t yet arrived.

Let me also add, as a postscript, a thank you to Yankee Stadium for allowing the use of photography.  Many, many places have begun restricting or banning photography and I wouldn’t have been able to get the shot if this were the case at Yankee Stadium.  So thanks for not being so uptight.