Hawaii Day 2

Four Surfboards en Route
The Quintessential Hawaii Scene: palm trees, the ocean, and surf boards
Diamond Head from winthin the Ocean
Diamond Head from in the Ocean.

I forgot to mention, in my first post, that since I took all of my camera bodies and my GPS unit, I didn’t want to have to worry about setting it back to EST when I got back home, so I left everything in EST. So I decided to divide my days (for the purpose of these posts) as if it were in EST. So, on Day 2 I continued to take pictures as I walked about. But I also tried out the new underwater housing I bought for Danielle’s camera. It was pretty awesome being able to have the camera with me in the water. I was able to get some photos underwater and, if Danielle had been with me, we could have taken portraits of each other in the water. Nearly all of my photos from that day were with the underwater housing and here is a sampling of those photos.

Day Sixty:  I wish I'd Brought my Goggles
If you forget your goggles you get ugly underwater shots like this one
Underwater Shell
Seashell photographed while still in the sea
Scouting out the best location to Surf
People Holding Surf boards: they're everywhere in Hawaii

2 responses to “Hawaii Day 2”

  1. I loved the “don’t forget your goggles” picture hahaha its dorky-cute

    Your pictures are so clear! What kind of camera do you use, and is it waterproof too!?


    • Most of my non-wet photos are taken with a Canon EOS 350D or 400D. My water photos are with my wife’s Canon point and shoot enclosed in an underwater enclosure to protect it from the water.