Web Comic Author….why not?

I’ve always been one of those guys that believe you should try everything you want to do.  Just throw it at the wall and see what sticks.  That’s how I got into blogging back in 2003.  (Holy cow, almost exactly 5 years to the day)  It’s also how I got into computer animation.  And photography.  But it’s also how I figured out that I am not into chemistry, weather phenomenon, Macintoshes, etc

The interesting thing about starting a web comic is that I’ve been drawing comics since I was very young.  Perhaps one day I’ll scan a page from my old comics and post it up here.  Another funny coincidence is that I used to draw comics involving my family members and that’s also what my new webcomic is based on – an exagerated version of my family and friends.  So, we’ll see what happens.  Maybe one day I’ll be as well known as xkcd, Megatokyo, and Ctrl-Alt-Del.  Or maybe we’ll give up in a couple of weeks.  Come see us while we work on it at http://www.notmadcomic.com/

and the first post is here.