Trudging through the Lord of the Rings Part 3

I finished up The Two Towers a week or so ago and I have to say that “Trudging” no longer describes my experience (for the most part). While I preferred the first movie to the first book, I mostly feel exactly the opposite about the second book/movie. The only annoying thing was that we didn’t get to Frodo and Samwise until page 208 of a 352 page book. I can’t remember exactly, but I think the movie goes back and forth a lot more instead of doing like the book and telling each person’s day and then backing up to tell the next person’s day (if the party has been separated).

I also really liked the descriptions during the war.  I feel like I got a lot more about the history behind certain events and definitely got more insight into what the characters were thinking.

Finally, Gollum comes off as way more treacherous and smart in the book.  In the movie he seems to be tricky, yes, but not quite as smart.

So overall, I’m now very glad I’ve chosen to read the books and I’m about 1/4 of the way through The Return of the King.

2 responses to “Trudging through the Lord of the Rings Part 3”

  1. Do you also agree that the ending to Two Towers was way better than the movie’s ending? How much better was it to “think” one thing and then learn the opposite when you started Return of the King?

    I kind of already knew the plot twist, but I didn’t remember it or know it when I was reading the books, so it was extra awesome for me.