Shrodinger’s Cat

My latest attempt at computer animation is called, Shrodinger’s Cat. Check it out!


4 responses to “Shrodinger’s Cat”

  1. Wow! What a quantum leap of progress from the last animation! That human figure is spooky surreal, but very well-done. Next time you’ll put some clothes on the guy, right?

    Was that your voice-over? The sound was a little blurry in places. Also I caught the lid of the box passing through the guy’s hand for a moment, but details, details.

    Very well done. Hey, what if the guy opened the box, and the cat had mutated into a hideous, savage squid that popped out and attacked the guy and dragged him in?

  2. Perhaps the squid mutation was in a part of quantum physics I didn’t cover. Actually, it would have been a pretty neat unexpected ending.

    It’s my voice – I was fighting tooth and nail with Audacity to get it to record my voice. I was tempted to just do it in Windows…..

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Yes, you missed the squid day in physics class, but if you didn’t bring your own squid you’d have to share, anyway. We used them to prove inertia by accelerating them into a wall. The squids always seemed to enjoy the ride right up until they realized how it ended.

    Other than a squid, the audience’s expectations would be narrowed down to the box containing: a lion, a rhinoceros (“Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!”), a stripper, a bunch of those spring-loaded snakes, Big Gay Al from South Park (“I’m thooper, thankth for athking!…”), or a black hole that sucks the entire room into the box.

    Or, just as the guy is going to open the box, the roof over the room opens and there’s this giant cat with a clipboard and lab coat looking in…

    Very inspiring piece of work you have here, I must say. Hey, next, you could prove a law of thermodynamics using a cat with buttered toast strapped on its back to show that it won’t produce perpetual motion. Or the law of heat transferance using a sparkler tied to a cat’s tail. What is it with physicists and cat abuse, anyway?