More Render farm metrics

I expected this to be an awesome triumph because I spent a good deal of the weekend trying to get blender installed on bulletbill. It finally got installed, but it doesn’t work. I had to do some editing here and there to try and get it to work and I think that’s part of the problem. I’m not sure exactly how to redo this in freeBSD, but it’ll probably be another month before I dedicate the time needed to it. That said…..

I did get a new ethernet card for kingkoopa, so I switched luigi from a master to a slave. Then I ran what has become a benchmark test for me, rendering the ball bouncing. This time it took:

3 minutes and 6 seconds or…. 186 seconds to render this ball bouncing.

Back to Basics: Bouncing Ball from djotaku on Vimeo

Last time it took 260 seconds. So it went nearly 1.5 minutes faster. So for 400 frames, one might expect it to be 15 minutes faster. Sure, it might not seem like a lot for this small, easy to render scene. But it can be a real life saver in longer, more complex scenes. It’s why I was able to leave my “final exam” going over night instead of closer to 24 hours. (And it didn’t even have luigi’s help!)