I LOVE getting published!

Here’s another shot someone has asked to publish:

Chess on Brighton Beach

As I mentioned before, getting published (as wish my other shot on NPR or the beach shots in the Tampa guide) is a photographer’s dream come true. It’s an acknowledgment that one has pictures worthy of others adding to their reports, websites, brochures, etc.

Here’s the email for this photo:

That picture is an awesome shot. I would like to know if you would give me permission to use this shot on a college report on the cultural aspect of the Brighton Beach community.

Thank you.

One response to “I LOVE getting published!”

  1. Hmmm… Wonder if you’ve checked out online freelancing, yet. I’m talking about the sites like RentaCoder, GetaFreelancer, ELance, and about a dozen others where you do small jobs for cash. You see occasional jobs posted requiring photography, especially if you do graphics work too. For blog hearers, brochures, and what-not. I’m not advocating it one way or the other. I’m happy to work from home and collect some small income from doing what I love anyway (I could go forever just on writing jobs alone!), but it’s definitely no easy road to riches.

    Still, if you’re thrilled to see your work used for free, how much more of a thrill is it to get paid for it?