A Journey Towards a More Professional Photographer (also the picture of the day)

I’m working my way towards making money from my photography. I really enjoy the trade craft a lot and if I get to do it as a job on the weekends, all the better. So I’ve bought some books to shore up my technique since I’m pretty much a self-taught photographer. One thing my latest book has driven home is something I’ve noticed countless times in magazines, books, and my own work. I need to relax and take my time. I know enough, and have slowed down enough, to think about the aperture and shutter speed in relation to the effect I wish to achieve. I also know to frame my shot correctly and double-check my ISO settings.

But I still need to slow down a bit more. I need to look at the histogram because I’ve come to learn that the LCD display lies. It almost always looks perfect there. But a quick check of the histogram would allow me to reshoot instead of lamenting it later on my compute rand trying to use photoshop to fix things. I even took a shot today and make a point of checking the histogram to try and cement it into my photography rituals.

Another thing I sought to work on today, but which was not mentioned in the book, is to really pay attention to setting up the lighting – especially when it’s something in my own house where I can control the lighting. I find that pictures look much clearer and have a sort of amazing quality when attention is paid to those kinds of details.

So here is my first attempt at taking it slow and being patient.

Macro corn flake
Macro corn flake