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  1. Whoa. You play Go too? And like it enough to actually own a board, as do I? The coincidences keep coming…

    Although my first though was “Ten weeks of playing with Blender and he has photorealism down pat already!”

  2. Thanks for the compliment, but I don’t know if, at this point, I’d have the patience to lay down all those pieces in blender. I think it would drive me nuts! Photorealism would certainly be nice, but I’m in the midst of a humanoid tutorial now. q:o)

  3. Actually, this is why I work mostly with POVray. For a Go board, it’s all geometric, so a few spheres and blocks and you’ve got it. I did this Go board in POVray. You might remember it from my old Wallpaper blog. A block with a wood texture and a height field subtracted from it which I drew in Inkscape, plus spheres squashed on the Y axis and given their respective colors and a shiny texture. Just make one of each and copy a bunch of times. You can even script it, since POVray is a programming language as well.

    For meshes and biological figures (both animal and vegetable) then Blender is the way to go. And your big blue guy that you’ve been posting looks a tad reptilian – just think, if you drew him first, it would have been “Raul Domingo the blue lizard” instead of “Barney the purple dinosaur”!

    Now that you’ve animated him (and you figured that out before me!), if you get him singing a Barney song, I hereby absolve myself of all responsibility.

  4. Yeah, although I’ve never been a huge fan, he kinda reminds me of Domo-Kun – at least in texture. To me he looks like a clay animation.

    I like your go board, but the white pieces look quite washed out.