Penguin Progression

Here’s my second render. I love penguins and they’re the mascot of Linux, so why not work on penguins. Here’s how I progressed with my penguin as I learned more last night. And….BONUS….here’s my second video. This one’s 8 times as long as the previous one! Watch Penguins Jump (and Cameras move)!

penguin1_lores penguin2_lores penguin3_lores penguin4_lores


2 responses to “Penguin Progression”

  1. Wow, that’s actually really neat. I’m impressed with your work man. What are you going to name this penguin? He also looks a little lonely. Maybe you should make him a her penguin too.

  2. wow, you’re the third person to ask his name. I’m not sure yet. He may be in a few cartoons so I need a good one. I was thinking of making a girl. But first I am currently making his house and then some furniture. But yeah, he does look lonely, esp with the shadow.