More on the Fedora Core 6 Release, or how Zod conquered the servers….

Fedora Core 6 was 15 minutes late….at least, the anouncement on is 15 minutes after 1400 GMT, although it may just be that didn’t make the anouncement on time. So what’s up with Zod? Well, after naming Fedora after rivers and French cities, it is now named after some weird space alien-sounding name. I’m not sure what Zod is, but I recently read that they consider part of the fun to be to guess how the name relates to the name of the previous release.

Oh yeah, before I continue…. HAHA Ubuntu….we beat you to get the latest Gnome out!

Ok, so here was Red Hat’s official announcement:

This is the announcement of Zod. Zod permits you to call him “Fedora Core 6”.

Tremble, Earthlings, for Zod is released from the confines of testing. Zod intends to hammer the servers of the world … starting TODAY! For those who chose the world-domination-acceptance package in your last installation, you need do nothing — Zod is beaming itself to your computers already. If your keyboard begins to get hot, back away … very … slowly …

For the rest of you minions who failed to do Zod’s bidding previously, this is your ONE AND ONLY CHANCE to redeem yourself. Go quickly! Download the torrent NOW. Obtain the ISO immediately. Zod’s minions know to back up their /home directory and to begin immediate installation of the GREATEST version of Fedora Core EVER.

When you are done genuflecting, listen carefully. Zod now delivers an important message to Zod’s predecessor, the Fifth Iteration of Fedora Core, known to some as Bordeaux:

“KNEEL BEFORE ZOD, for Zod has many improvements that convince users to upgrade and abandon you! Ph34r me! Mwahahahaha.”

Zod accepts that the Fedora Project continues to provide software and security updates for Bordeaux, as per the policy of Zod’s minions. Zod chooses to permit this action to continue.

Those who would understand Zod must begin here:

Massive downloading of Zod is known to melt servers worldwide, so Zod commands all who are able to use bittorrent.

So get on that torrent. I know I’m torrenting and I could use a higher download rate. That can only happen when more people are on the torrent! Right now it says I have to wait 8 hours (plus install time) to play with all the new goodies!

If you want a really great preview of what awaits you, read this article from Phoronix and start drooling while you wait for the torrent to finish up.

I’ll be giving you my impressions of Zod once I get it installed. I’m looking forward to the AIGLX and speed improvements the most.