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It really annoys me when I can’t remember what I wasn to post. Blogging has been one of the casualties of working a steady eight hour job. While I’m at work I always thing of all these great ideas of thigns I want to blog, but then when I finally get home, I either have forgotten what I wanted to talk about or I just don’t feel like it anymore. The second reason seems to be just as prevalent as the first – sometimes I would have put an idea on paper, but after mulling about it all day long, I just don’t feel like thinking about it anymore. Frankly, as I write this, I feel I’ve written this paragraph, or one similar to it, at least once before. I guess that means this is a true and recurring problem which really bothers me.

Today I was reading about David and Bathsheeba in 2 Samuel. The study Bible I’ve recently purchased mentions that the type of bathing Bathsheeba s described as taking appears to be a ritual purification as one women might do after menstruation. I got to thinking about the ancient hebrew way of dealing with the woman’s cycle – send them outside the city since they were uclean. Can you imagine something like this going on in today’s world? Women would certainly never have risen to the prominent positions they have reached today. “Sorry, I can’t attend the board meeting today – I can’t come into the city.” It’s nuts!

Danielle took a class in Old Testament studies and they mentioned some of the word play used in the BIble. After King David realizes he has accidentally impregnated Bathsheeba, he calls for her husband to come back to the city. He wants Uriah to sleep with her so that he will think he got her pregnant. He tells Uriah to “wash his feet”, a euphemism for “go have sex with your wife.” Uriah, being the good soldier he is, refuses to have sex with his wife while the rest of the army is in the middle of a war. (God had called for the Hebrews to refrain from sex during wars)

I wonder why God asked the men not to have sex during wars? As I write this stream of consciousness, one thing comes immediately to mind. Let’s say the mend were miles away from home and the war had been going on for a long time. If they were allowed to have sex during war, they would sure rape the women of whatever town they happened to be resting in. So there’s at least one good reason not to have sex during war. Another reason might be that the men would demand a mobile hooker corps to follow the army around as they waged war. Both things would clearly be abominable to God. You see, even the most obscure rules can make sense if you think about it a little.

The Essence of Cool Captured by a Statue

My cousin’s sweet sixteen is coming up! I am the official photographer. So far I think I’ve done pretty good work at weddings and other parties, but I can’t help but be a bit nervous about her party. I mean, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event my uncle and aunt have paid a lot of money to pull off. I am their sole source of photographic memories on that day. I need to be on top of my game. I’m very comfortable with my equipment, but I need to make sure I have all the settings right. I recently fudged up Dave’s graduation pictures because I left my ISO to 800 or 1600 from the pictures I had been taking inside the stadium – it came out way grainier than was necessary and I’ve been kicking myself in the butt ever since. At the very least I have made a checklist this time around – in fact, the checklist was inspired by David’s graduation. I vowed not to have such a silly mistake happen again.

David's Graduation - 0099

By the way, the pictures don’t necessarily have anything to do with what I”m talking about – although the previous one does. I’m also choosing which pictures to post via stream of consciousness. Whatever comes to my mind, I append to the blog post.

Finally, from time to time, you may notice my server go down. I’m susceptible to the server going down if the power goes out. Putting it on a UPS (as I will when I get rid of the old one) would not solve the problem because I tend not to have internet access when the power is out. But please continue to come check me out! Thanks!

Two of The Masqueraders

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