HD DVD To to leave Early HD Adopters High and Dry

Leave it to content providers to mess everyone up. Slashdot reports that, in an effort to stop piracy, the HD signal in the component jacks of HD DVD players will be down-sampled because it’s analog and letting it come out at normal quality would allow pirates to get around their copyright protections. This is BS! I say we make this into a HUGE issue. Every company is trying to mess with us on the grounds of copyright protections. Sony thinks it can install rootkits onto your computer without permission. HD DVD people think they can render your HD TV obsolete before the first HD DVDs even come out. They should cut the crap! If someone really wants to, they’ll find a way to circumvent it – look at DVDs. Given enough angry geeks, things will be “solved”. Not only that, but they are assuming that consumers of pirated DVDs wouldn’t want to see the down-sampled video. If that were true, no one would be downloading and buying (in Chinatown) video taped footage of Hollywood movies. The fact of the matter is that, except for Star Wars, LOTR, and Harry Potter, no one cares how good the movie really looks if they want a pirated copy.

Let’s make this a huge deal. Look at what bloggers did to Sony, let’s do it to the HD DVD makers before we’re all forced to buy new Tvs to replace Tvs barely 3 years old!

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