The last straw

The Fedora install was going so well…it was on disc 3 with nary a problem. Then it had the same problem again. For some reason, in the middle of the install it rebooted the laptop again. Frankly, I’m not down with these 3 day installs. Sorry, but my laptop’s days with Fedora have passed. Basically, every time I try to reinstall Fedora I know I’m going to have similar problems. It’s just too slow to endure these kinds of installs. So I’m switching over to Debian on my laptop where upgrades do not require reinstalling the entire system. You just point to a new repo and update your packages as usual. Fedora will remain on my nice fast computer.


One response to “The last straw”

  1. Yah, I can sympathize. I think it’s common for us old Red Hat users, who loved our friendly, perky RH 9.0 to turn to Fedora…and then we discover that Fedora is about half Red Hat’s speed. My last attempt with Fedora Core 4, I *almost* got it usable (I hope their next release doesn’t have every single possible slowest option set ‘on’ by default.); that’s the problem, you have to spend two days finding all the tweaks, turning everything off that you don’t need. Then you turn to Debian…you have my respect, but Debian was too grubby for me. But it *is* a faster and easier to maintain system, once you get past what has stood out in my experience as the “Install from Outer Space”. But I ended up with Slackware (I literally dual-booted Debian and Slackware for awhile…Slackware won, Debian bought it in favor of spare disk space.)