[1.0] The Artform of the Photograph Elevated

Recently I’ve been reading a book on photography. Unlike my usual photography reading, this isn’t a book on how to TAKE or MAKE pictures, it’s just a book on the work of the greatest photographers of the 20th Century. They’ve inspired me in a way that’s nearly impossible for me to describe. But I’ve been presented with all sorts of techniques and concepts that I am now fiddling with. My photography has progressed from the time that I was a little child simply photographing the events of my childhood to taking pictures for aesthetic reasons to attempting to create art. I don’t know how inspirational this phase will be in my photography, but I’m excited by all the new ideas bubbling inside of me. It’s as though the book was the key to unlock something inside of me which has been waiting to be expressed. Something always called to me from Dali, for example, which I have been expressing recently in my art. Here are some examples:



See No Evil Hear No Evil Speak No Evil

Here’s another I was inspired to do from the work of an artist whose name I cannot recall right now:

Temporal Transformation 1 - Tomato