[1.0] Civ 4 will be out soon!

Linux Uptime: 17 days, 2:16
Time in Civ3: 3 hours 41 min 45 seconds
Score in Civ3: Eric X the Pathetic

I have been playing the Civilization franchise ever since the first Dos version. At first I didn’t like it, but as I learned the complexity in the game, I began to like it more and more. In Civ1 and 2 my brothers and I used to want to play together so we would each take charge as governors of certain cities and all settlers that came out of those cities. Civ2 also improved the graphics and made the gameplay even more realistic.

With Civ3 we could finally play together as different Civs. The game was also made a bit harder as evidenced by the fact that I could no longer make it into the space race by 1850 as I could in Civ2. However, I loved it even more and, as I was older, I understood the concepts even better and began to receive higher scores.

I usually win cultural victories and it’s not unusual for cities around me to succumb to my superior culture. In one previous game I got 10 cities via cultural conversions. I usually play as the Japanese and take advantage of the piety to use temples to placate my citizens. I used to be the smallest of the civs and least protected, but I managed my alliances correctly and would win those cultural victories.

As I began to do better, I realized that I needed a lot of land to ensure that I could have the resources to take my civ to the next level. In Civ3 you needed coal, for example, to build railroads. If you didn’t have it, you had to hope for a trade or destroy the other civ. I had never attacked another civ until civ3 when I had to get that plutonium or whatever else I wanted. A bit more realistic, no? Therefore, I can’t wait until Civ4 comes out on 25 Oct.