[1.0] Mo Rocca @ Cornell!

Mo Rocca came to talk today at Cornell, thanks to a Sponsership from Hillel, the Campus Jewish group. Why they invited him, I don’t know because he revealed during his performance that he was Catholic. But he did have a hilarious opening bit where he told this whole story using Yiddish.


He was quite hilarious and I caught some of it on my camera’s video mode. I’m not 100% why because I don’t normally use my camera for video but the picture is a bit jerky. Weird for a 12 MP camera. But I will be posting the video on my other blog probably tomorrow.


He also suprised the audience by giving us this traditional Jewish treat he had made for us. He actually put it on stage at the beginning and there was a crowd of people rushing to grab it.


He began his talk with he coverage of the 2004 presidential elections. His jokes brought forth both tons of laughter and a few jeers depending upon which political candidate he was talking about. But he stayed pretty neutral, lampooning both sides of the isle. The picture immediately above was accompanied by the joke, “yeah, the wedding photographer didn’t do such a good job with those two.” hehe…


He told us about his personal life, including the fact that he’s good friends with Flava Flav, who you might know from the Surreal Life on VH1. He recounted a story when he went to the Metropolitan Museum in NYC with Flav where they were in the lobby and it’s all quiet like church when Flav says, in a loud voice, “I want to see something with a f***ing pendulum!”


He talked about his contributions on VH1’s I love the 70/80/90s and quizzed this kid on 90s stuff. He won a Celine Dion CD autographed by Mo Rocca.


All in all it was an awesome show! I also got to take a picture with Mo as well as get an autograph from him. I didn’t scan the autograph, but here’s the picture I took with him.