The Paradox of Free and Fair Elections

This morning I watch the Diebold documentary, “Hacking Democray”, on HBO or one of its affiliate networks. The basic information in the documentary was not news to me. Since I currently live in Maryland, the news that Johns Hopkins had obtained the source code to the voting machines was all over the place. I knew, […]

Spiderman Predicts the future

It’s interesting how Science Fiction often predicts future technologies and trends. For example, this morning on CNN they were talking about a research group that is trying to switch on the gene in humans that would cause limbs to regrow. Apparently they haven’t seen what happens when you do that (I say tongue-in-cheek). Peter Parker’s […]

More OS-Tan Info

I was left wondering about these OS-Tans. Here’s some extra information I picked up: To see some of the comics translated go to: to see a little movie that parodies the beginning of an anime go to: Decriptions from, This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material […]

Youngest Sibling Weekend was awesome

This weekend my youngest brother and my fiancee’s youngest sister (with her best friend) came up to see us at school. It was one of the most fun times I’ve had here at Cornell. I don’t think I have as much fun with too many other people as when I’m with my brothers. We’re usually […]