B&H Affiliate Program

After Dan joined the Amazon.com affiliate program I wondered if B&H Photo and Video had an affiliate program as well.  After all, I exclusive buy all of my photography equipment from them.  They almost always have the lowest price and their customer service rocks!  Plus, since I live in Maryland, I can choose UPS ground delivery (the cheapest option) and get my items within 3 days!  Beat that Amazon!  So I’ve joined the B&H affiliate program.  You can see the link on the left sidebar (as of my current theme) and I’ll be sprinkling links throughout future photography posts.  I thought the best policy for you, my loyal readers, was to be forthright in mentioning this new partnership.  I promise not to make it annoying.  And, if you’re going to buy something from B&H anyway after reading my review, if you do it through the affiliate link, you can help to support this blog.  Thanks!.