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  • Mini-Review: Zenwalk 6.2

    I looked at Zenwalk 6.0 back in June and Zenwalk 6.2 is now out.  I’m going to do a mini-review just comparing 6.0 to 6.2 to see what has changed.  This may end up being very short if it’s mostly the same.  One difference right away is that it’s using ext4 instead of XFS.  The […]

  • Review: Zenwalk 6.0

    Back in Nov of 2008 I checked out Zenwalk 5.2 and a recent LXF contained Zenwalk 6.0 – so let’s see what has changed.  It loads up with the usual Kernel messages going past on the screen.  The first screen for the installation hasn’t changed one bit from Zenwalk 5.2. Once again, as before, I […]

  • Review: Zenwalk 5.2

    Somewhere along the line I got into my head that Slackware was a distro that involved having to compile everything. From what I can gather from Wikipedia, The Slackware Website, and some comments to my Gentoo post, I was wrong. Slackware apparently uses packages, just like every other modern distro. The difference is that dependency […]