• I was dugg!

    For what I think is the first time, I was dugg for my Xfce article!

  • My Newfound Love for Xfce!

    For the past week to two weeks I’ve done something I had’t done in years – I switched my default desktop environment in my GDM login screen. I’ve been logging into Xfce instead of my usual Gnome. There are basically three reasons why I’m loving Xfce over Gnome. First of all, I love the theme.…

  • The future of Compiz-Fusion

    Compiz-Fusion, as you surely know is responsible for eye candy on GNU/Linux distros such as windows that turn into paper airplanes when the user minimizes it to turning the desktop into a spinning cube.  There’s something about the wobbly windows that provides some a sense of inertia that just makes things feel a little more…