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  • Boxee: Further Impressions

    After writing my Boxee review based on my experience over the weekend, I tried to use it again Tuesday and Wednesday. There two shows that I watch Tues-Friday: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. I’m not sure what API or screen scraping Boxee uses for these sites, but it needs to be improved. When […]

  • Colbert v Steele in a Rap Battle

    It’s been pretty ridiculous recently with Steele claiming to bring Urban cred to the Republican party. I think they feel like they have to have a black guy too. It’s just odd that suddenly after Obama’s President, they have a black chairman. Well, I know that eventually Hulu will pull this clip.  But until they […]

  • Quotes

    Time to empty out my quotes from my AIM profile again, here are the latest: “My vagina is always better than a white girl’s” – Mai ———————————————————————– Guest on Colbert Report: “Yes, you learned very well in Sunday School.” Colbert: “I teach Sunday School Mother F-cker!” ———————————————————————– “[Operating System] Open Solaris is good for diversity” […]