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  • Preparing the Door

    I don’t know how easy or hard it is to get a door frame in where all the pieces are at right angles to each other. The previous home owners failed at that and so the door could never close correctly. My father-in-law tried to fix it, but he shaved the wrong side. So when…

  • Tea with Great-Granddaugther

    Other than the generational portraits, probably the most meaningful photo I took that week.

  • Yashica A (Developed July 2016) Part 3: Dan and Katie Events

    This is a short series I’m going to run here on the blog featuring photos from my most recently developed roll of medium format 120 film taken with my Yashica A twin reflex lens camera. I’m grouping photos together by subject. Between the last post and this one is one photo that didn’t turn out.…

  • Some Photos from Dan’s Engagement Party

    Some Photos from Dan’s Engagement Party

    Well, everyone’s growing up. Dan’s the last to get married (the youngest three siblings don’t count because there’s too big a gap). Here are some photos from his engagement party.

  • Multi-Generational Photos

    Multi-Generational Photos

    Ever since Sam was born, I’ve been looking forward to a 4 generation male portrait. I’d done a female line portrait with Scarlett up to her great-grandmother. It was finally time to do the same for me. While we were out there and dressed up, we took a few other configurations of family photos. All…

  • A Trip to Washington with my Grandparents

    They’d never been to DC before so we went to the usual tourist spots. Also there – my parents, daughter, and youngest brothers.

  • My Grandfather’s 70th Birthday Party

    After our mini-vacation to Naples, we went to Hialeah, Fl for my grandfather’s 70th birthday party.  I wrote in May about wanting to capture photos of my grandfather at his birthday party.  I was definitely able to do that. We got to the party way before my grandfather (it was a surprise party) so we…

  • A pretty short post: Family and Distance

    It really sucks that I’m so far from my family.  My sole living grandfather, pictured here, is turning 70 this year.  Although I’ve always been closer to my mom’s family –  I really, really love my grandfather.  His humor, which was passed on to my father and which I hope to pass on to my…